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Advancing cost-effective CFRP adoption with bio-based, recyclable thermoset plastics technology

An excellent fit for carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), our SperoSET™ technology enables zero-waste manufacturing of these composites and achieves end-of-life recycling of expensive carbon fiber components. Currently, there are no recyclable thermosets that can compete with conventional bisphenol A (BPA) thermosets in terms of price and performance.

SperoSET overcomes these issues, reducing the cost, facilitating the manufacturing and increasing the sustainability of CFRPs — all while providing comparable performance and mechanical properties to BPA-based plastics. Thanks to this combination of properties, SperoSET has important applications in the following industries.



As vehicle emissions requirements around the world become more restrictive, automotive manufacturers consider weight reduction one of the most effective ways to ensure compliance. At the same time, the application of lightweight materials in the growing electric vehicles (EV) market is becoming more important, leading to improvements in drive distances and battery size containment.

The high cost of CFRPs is currently a major challenge preventing widespread use of these composites in the automotive market. This high cost can be linked to the use of expensive carbon fiber, as well as an inability to effectively recover carbon fiber from current non-recyclable petroleum-based thermosets.

Our SperoSET technology enables the recycling of carbon fiber used in thermoset composites without damaging the carbon fiber. It reduces the cost of carbon fiber, as well as the waste generated in the manufacturing process, enabling our composites to play a growing, vital role in high-volume automotive structures.


Like the automotive sector, the aerospace industry is shifting toward lighter-weight composites to improve aircraft fuel efficiency and performance. Our SperoSET technology enables the creation of cost-effective thermosets/CFRPs that are recyclable, weldable and re-shapeable on demand. These advantages make our thermosets ideal for composite applications within the aerospace industry, as they significantly improve the reusability of carbon fibers and greatly facilitate the process and assembly of composites.

Wind Turbine

In addition to the automotive sector, wind turbine manufacturing is one of the markets most impacted by advancements within the composite industry. Our SperoSET recyclable plastic technology has significant implications for this market — particularly in the production of lightweight, sustainable wind turbine blades.

Sporting Goods

There is significant marketing appeal to bio-based resin. For example, we have made a variety of sophisticated CFRC prototypes for the sporting goods market, including skateboards, license plate frames and shin guards. We have also tested the adhesion of our resin with surfboard core material, which has shown very positive results.