We have much to learn by studying nature and taking the time to tease out its secrets.
— David Suzuki

Bioenergy is a greener alternative to fossil fuels, but its adoption has been slow due to higher production costs. Spero Renewables technologies shift the paradigm in favor of bioenergy by making additional, high-value products from the waste stream of the bioenergy production process, making it economically viable without government subsidies.




Spero has developed a novel extractive chemistry to produce natural ferulic acid (SperoFA™) from abundant and natural agricultural products. SperoFA™ is used to make a natural vanilla alternative to vanilla beans, but is also used in fragrances and cosmetics.



Spero’s SPERLU ™ technology converts biomass lignin, a waste byproduct of cellulosic ethanol production that is expensive to remediate, into valuable, environmentally friendly polymers and plastics. The potential impact of the invention on bioenergy markets was recently recognized with an award of a $1.6 million from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (US Department of Energy) to help scale up and commercialize the SPERLU ™ process.